I'm Stevie! Thank you for showing up here. This page is currently being updated to reflect the expansion of who I am. In the meantime, if you’re interested in working with me 1:1, you can apply using the button below.
1:1 Coaching

My transformation with Stevie was HUGE and multi dimensional. During the past 6 months Stevie helped me peel back the layers and truly get the core of who I am as a human being. I was so unaware of how disconnected I was from my body until I did this program. Breathwork has given me the ability to integrate so many valuable lessons. I knew this program would be beneficial but I had no idea that I would complete this program truly feeling like the best version of myself. I feel way more confident in my own skin. I discovered how powerful my breath truly is. I started building a relationship with my inner child and it’s been the most beautiful experience. Working with Stevie has been a dream come true :) Honestly she’s like the big sister I always needed. I adore her and look up to her in so many ways. I love the way she holds space and always keeps it real with you. Where do I even start with what I learned?? I learned that it is safe to be here and in this body. I learned that my body/the universe will never give me more than I can handle. I learned the importance of speaking my truth. And above all else, I learned that i can always choose to return to love. “More love, not less” for myself and for others. I would recommend working with Stevie 100%.

Lissette R.

I started doing coaching sessions with Stevie a few months ago and they have truly been life changing. I have gone to therapists in the past throughout my life, but my sessions with Stevie were so much more insightful and I got so much more out of them. She shows up with such an open heart to our sessions and it's obvious that she genuinely cares about her clients. Her loving energy makes me feel so comfortable to open up and to be completely vulnerable with her. As a result of our sessions I've noticed a huge transformation in myself. She has helped me to shift my focus from looking externally for love and validation from men who were toxic to me, which was a pattern of mine for a majority of my life, to getting to a place of loving myself for who I am and giving myself the validation that I was craving to help me to realize I am enough and that I am worthy of so much more in this life than I ever gave myself credit for. With her guidance I was able to dig deep and really work on changing those limiting beliefs that I had been carrying around for most of my life. My life will never be the same again. Doing coaching sessions with Stevie was the best decision I've ever made for myself!

-Jennifer S.

Stevie helped me identify where I need to show up for myself in order to shift into who I want to be. Even in one session Stevie helped to cut through the bullshit and guide me to self reflect and recognize the old stories I have been telling myself and what it will take to write my new story. The tangible outcome I got was to set boundaries around what I need in order to grow, to give myself permission to have needs and actually show up for myself to meet them, and to take responsibility for my thoughts in order to write my next story. Working with Stevie was 100% comfortable. Stevie is trustworthy and passionate about what she does. It is clear she is walking in her calling to empower people. I felt totally comfortable laying out my bullshit in front of Stevie knowing she would call it out and lovingly invite me to move on to bigger and better things. In the same day as my session with Stevie I was able to implement multiple strategies she suggested. I was able to set boundaries that I needed as well as implement intentional pausing to redirect my thoughts rather than just running on autopilot.

- Parkar P.

I feel like I dropped the baggage I'd dragged around for so long. Although I'm still a work in progress, I feel like I'm doing the right type of internal work and setting up a strong foundation for the way I live the rest of my life. I'm not using my old, unproductive methods to try and solve my problems anymore. I've been given a new skill set, and now I address my issues effectively rather than staying trapped in a vicious cycle. I am so happy that I made the decision to work with Stevie, because I am finally seeing real changes in an area of my life that had been so stagnant. I no longer feel trapped by food, or ashamed of my body. I have gained the understanding that my self worth is not connected to either of these things. This new belief has given me a sense of freedom, and I think it's reflected in the way I move through the world now. Without a doubt, 20/10 would recommend Stevie.

- Dana D.

Transformative, expansive, barrier-breaking, joy-filled, heart-centered, truth-finding, and limitless -- those are words that describe the transformation that you, Stevie, you brilliant effervescent yoda fairy queen, guided me through. You were my teacher, mentor, guide, safe container, and friend throughout the six months that we worked together -- and I still feel those things about you now! Before I reached out to you that fateful day in June 2020, I had been feeling completely lost, my heart had been broken and shattered, I felt like I wasn't 'enough' and carried such heaviness within me. But - I also had a fire burning inside of me that wanted growth. That wanted expansion and strength and power, and I knew I had it all within me, I just had barriers to it. Throughout my journey with you, you helped me dive deeper and deeper into my Self, face truths that I had been too afraid to acknowledge, and challenged me to rise into who I really am -- all while holding me with an open heart and so much love. I have without a doubt grown into a more confidant woman, I use my voice more and express my wants and needs where I had silenced myself before, I have more belief in myself, and I know that I am sovereign, I am free, and I am a Queen.

- Christina V.

Stevie always showed her support beyond our 1:1 weekly calls and even to this day a few months after finishing our 6 month coaching, Stevie still continues to reach out to me and see how I am doing and offer her love and support. By helping me, she has inspired me to do the same and I am currently completing my coaching certification to one day hopefully help others as she helped me. Stevie is my role model and If I can help even just one person transform their life the way Stevie has transformed mine, I know I have achieved greatness.

Stevie is a rare, beautiful soul on this earth and I cannot wait to see her continued positive impact on this world, raising the vibration of the collective consciousness, transforming many lives on the way.

I now speak with confidence, I no longer judge myself and hold myself back of expressing my truest most authentic self. My relationships with loved ones, friends, family, clients have improved and they have all commented on how I seem to always be "glowing" and they can all see how much I have mentally and spiritually grown. I've made many new aligned friends along the way. Ive attracted opportunities into my life which I would have otherwise missed out on if I hadn't done Stevie's 6-month 1:1 coaching program.

I feel like an entirely new, levelled-up woman. 😄 From the bottom of my heart, thank you Stevie! 💕

- Emily J.