Hi, I'm Stevie

Hi human : ) So happy you’re here. My name is Stevie Wright. And as much as I want to tell you what I do, the certifications I have, and the trainings I’ve done…I’m not going to. Not just yet anyways. Instead I’m going to share my heart with you. I’m going to get into the real real. The reason why I’m here in the first place. Why I’m doing this work.

I have a worthiness wound. Oh yah…a big one. I’ve struggled with it my whole life. Throughout my adolescence and young adulthood I found myself constantly playing small, being scared to speak my truth, and not feeling good enough. I’ve been singing since I was a little girl, so I was loud and over the top most of the time…but really it was just a cover up to disguise my feelings of inadequacy. I felt like the only way to receive love from others was through performing and putting on a show. I had the need for validation and love from others because well...I didn't love myself.

That belief stayed with me for years. I put on the façade of always being happy and positive, and that my life was perfectly put together. But on the inside I was struggling. I got the message from a young age that in order to be worthy I had to hustle, achieve, do, perform, accomplish, prove myself and be perfect. As an adult that translated into nothing EVER being good enough. I was so hard on myself and I could never give myself a break.

I turned to food to numb my emotions and was constantly dieting and working out to (again) prove my worth. I hated my body. I couldn’t eat anything without feeling guilty about it. I would binge and then restrict, binge and restrict some more. It was a vicious cycle.


I came to a point a few years ago where I was completely lost. I call it my quarter life crisis lol. I looked at my life and realized I was working a dead end retail job, ordering take out 3-4x a week, using food as a drug, and totally disconnected from my body. I had no idea how to self soothe or what it meant to really love myself. I decided something had to change. 



I first found healing work through health and fitness. I knew my first step was to start giving my body some love and attention. I needed to heal the damage years of crappy food and binging had done to my body. Through this process I found health coaching! I’ve always been good at listening and motivating the people around me and at the time I thought, I can merge wellness with helping others! BAZINGA!

 I got certified as a health coach in 2016. It was during my journey of becoming a health coach that I realized that nothing had, and nothing will ever fire me up quite like coaching does. I realized that mentorship was my calling and is what I was put on Earth to do. My clients were seeing results, they were losing weight and making changes…but I knew I wanted to go deeper.

What Happened Next??

What Happened Next??

I realized that true change - change that lasts with you a lifetime – comes from getting to the root of the issue. It comes from getting to the core wound of why you self sabotage. It comes from uncovering the negative beliefs you have about yourself, where they came from, and transcending them. HOLY SHIT! This was gold! I had ZERO interest in helping women lose 10 pounds or get abs. I wanted to help them heal their hearts so that they could confidently pursue the life of their dreams. I went on a search for programs that certify their students in self-love coaching, and that’s when I found Hungry for Happiness.

HFH is a 10 month, 400 hour certification intensive in which I learned how to help people end their feelings of unworthiness for good. It was here that I healed so much of my own inner pain and wounding and was able to take a hard look at my own relationship with myself, how I'd been treating myself for the last 25 years, and some of the bullshit stories I'd been perpetuating. It was an intense 10 months. I came out the other side more confident than ever before and really OWNING my power as a woman and as a coach.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned throughout my healing journey, is that my power is in my pain. The more I can feel into my shadow and anxiety, the easier I can transcend it. We HAVE to feel. We HAVE to allow our emotions to come up. It’s the only way to transform.

I want to help you become the best version of yourself. I want to partner with you and help guide you along your journey to healing and happiness. Your success is my success. Actually no…your success is your success, I’m just happy to witness it. I feel incredibly honored and grateful to have the opportunity to touch others’ lives in a positive way. It feels good knowing I’m in the right place. I can’t wait to get to know you too!

What Happened Next??