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Name & Email of both you and your partner:

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How long have you and your partner been together?

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Share a bit about where you're at currently

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What are you hoping to get out of this couples retreat?

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What’s your experience with MDMA?

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Are you on anti-depressants? MDMA and anti-depressants don’t mix well and can lead to Serotonin syndrome. If this is a yes for you, it unfortunately isn’t a fit and you will of course receive a full refund. The other option is to wean off of them for at least 6 weeks before the retreat. If this is a no, we completely understand.

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Have you ever been diagnosed with mental illness? Bipolar disorder, psychosis, schizophrenia, etc.? Please share more

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What would you want/need to feel safe in this container?

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Please list any dietary restrictions.

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A 60 minute massage by a professional therapist is included in this retreat, would you like one?





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A photographer will be at one or two days of this retreat to capture the experience.

These photos will be used for marketing purposes for upcoming retreats.


*Note: The medicine portion will not be documented. Couples practices, breathwork, yoga, and family meals etc will be.


I am okay with this.


I am not okay with this.

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I acknowledge that my $1000 deposit is non-refundable.





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I acknowledge that the remainder of my balance is due 3/1/2023 or I must forfeit my spot and my deposit.





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Is there any other medical information you’d like us to know? High blood pressure? Hypertension?

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Anything else you’d like us to know?

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