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A breathwork membership designed to reduce stress, increase everyday performance, and get grounded. Transformation is just a breath away

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imagine if...

  • You felt calm, centered and at ease throughout your day
  • You could easily and quickly shift your state & feel better
  • You weren't constantly stressed & anxious
  • You gained a deeper sense of trust in your body
  • You released emotion safely & without stories or labels
  • Your allowed yourself to expand into your limitless potential 

Welcome to The Breath Channel! I can't tell you how excited I am that you landed on this page at this exact moment. I created The Breath Channel to help you cultivate a sense peace and clarity in your body at all times. I found breathwork 4 years ago and it changed my life. It taught me how to move stagnant energy, shift my mindset, and feel better after only a few minutes. I couldn't believe that my breath held so much power!! The Breath Channel will be your guiding light in understanding how your breath can literally change the course of your life by getting out of your head and into your body. When you're in the body, that's when you're connected to the truth of who you are. 


  • High impact breathwork videos for you to shift your state and change your energy.
  • Embodiment videos that will teach you how to connect to YOU 2.0 and actually feel it in your body!
  • Mindset and meditation videos to help you ground and uplevel your thought patterns
  • Group workshops to integrate everything you're learning and letting go of

Meet Stevie

I get you. You feel stressed and anxious and are constantly in your head. You want to feel calm and present but don't know how. I get you because I was you! I used to be so caught in the looping thoughts and negative stories and I was DYING for a quick shift to come back to myself. Enter breathwork : ) I found breathwork 4 years ago by accident and it changed everything for me. I found a direct access point to the truth and love living in my body. It was like lifting a blurry veil and seeing clearly for the first time. 

After getting certified as a facilitator I saw first hand how breathwork was changing the lives of my clients as well. After facilitating hundreds of sessions, and witnessing profound breakthroughs, I'm confident this work will be a game changer for you too. I'm incredibly excited to share the healing magic of it with you. I'll be guiding you the whole time, you'll never be alone. 

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The Videos

5 new videos of mind-blowing content uploaded every month. Everything from breathwork, meditations, embodiment exercises, pleasure practices, guest speakers and's going to be juicy.


The Workshops

Bi-weekly live group breathwork workshops! What's great about the videos in the portal is they'll be short and sweet. The workshops though? We're going to go so deep and have real breakthroughs, transformations, and ahas! 


The Community

A Facebook group of other like-minded, high vibrational souls on a similar path as you! I'll be doing weekly office hours for you to ask questions as well as weekly lives to give support, encouragement, and love for anything that's coming up. Talk about connection!  


The Replays

Just because I love you! As a bonus I'll be adding the replays to any and all workshops I host for my community. Think "Manifesting Using the Quantum Formula" and "Breathwork for Divine Feminine Embodiment." The Breath Channel members will never miss out on any juiciness.

client stories

I am constantly amazed at how open, aligned and abundant AF I feel when I do breathwork with Stevie. I joke that every time I  breathe with her I attract a new client to my biz - but it's not really a joke, lol. IT HAPPENS every time!
Stevie's breathwork has changed my life. Whether I'm stirring up emotion or old wounds to heal or calling forth my higher self to guide me - I always feel so magically supported and held by her.
Stevie is a blessing in my life - not only does her energy invite me to step into my own innate power and Goddess Self, but she guides me to the Truth - That I get to have all that I desire. It's already mine. 
I love you, Stevie!
Megan W. @meganwalkerco_

I came across Stevie’s IG about a year ago when I first started on my self discovery/healing journey. I knew right away after seeing her feed that she would be someone that would keep me inspired and motivated on my new path. Her IG TV breathwork videos are short, accessible and very powerful! I often go to them when I wake up feeling off kilter, emotional or just need a good boost of invigorating energy.  These practices with her have led me to release stagnant energy through laughter, tears and ultimately bringing me to an immense feeling of overall gratitude for the experience and her work. Stevie is an amazing healer and I hope to work more closely with her in the near future!

Ali L. @ali.loh
I was completely new to breathwork before I followed Stevie and began doing some of her workshops online. She has been so inviting and giving throughout our virtual relationship. She really knows how to hold space and is an admirable example of how to truly be of service to others. I recently experienced her breathwork workshop that was curated specifically for 'Divine Feminine Embodiment' and was in awe of the breakthroughs that were lived by myself and the other women that were present. 
Personally, I really reconnected with my inner feminine. I also felt really connected to the feminine side of my ancestral lineage during that session. I let go of a lot of emotional and mental burdens from the past. It was such a beautiful release. I really appreciate the thought that went into the pacing, movement, and music. Perfect timing.
I learned more about using my body as a transmitter. I opened myself up to new ways of experiencing pleasure. I understood breathwork in a completely new light. I felt the effects throughout my body and in my mind for weeks after.
Aliena R. @aliena.remborn

Stevie's breathwork videos have been a guiding light for me in an insanely chaotic chapter of my life. Her voice has taken me from anxiety, stress & scarcity and has led me back to my authenticity. I now can effortlessly tap into ease, joy and unconditional love + acceptance of myself and others.

The shifts I've experienced from practicing with Stevie every morning have been nothing short of profound. My love life benefited, my business benefited. I've used these methods to attract more clients effortlessly. I'm a huge fan of Stevie and can honestly say that her breathwork has been life changing.

Beware - you might even get everything you've ever desired if you start tuning into her workshops. Stevie is a brilliant light.

Heidi U. @heidiforrest_

this membership is
perfect for you if...

You want to feel grounded, connected and centered throughout your day

You want to learn how to shift your state quickly and manage your energy

Meditation doesn't work for you and you want a technique you can actually implement!

You’re sick of feeling anxious and want a way of moving that energy through your body 

You're looking for a technique that creates results quickly

You're ready for a practice that lights you up and evokes your highest self!

You want to be part of a community of like-minded people on the journey of self love and healing! 

client stories

I have been working with Stevie for over a year now and it has been truly transformational. As an athlete and male we find ourselves constantly suppressing emotions and daily stress. Breathwork facilitated by Stevie has allowed me to release those stressors and increase my energy. I have even recruited a couple buddies who now love doing breathwork for their health and mindset. I highly recommend including breathwork into your daily practice and there's no better teacher and facilitator then Stevie! 

Mike L. @officialmikelee

Before doing breathwork with Stevie, I had never really heard of it. I was having a tough month mentally with my career and motivation to get on a healthy routine. 

My buddy had reached out to me and said that he wanted me to do breathwork with him. He told me how amazing he felt after and how he started to see his days change in a positive light after.

When I got there Stevie made me feel extremely comfortable. She told me what to expect and how I would feel during and after. Her energy during the session was vibrant and echoed from wall to wall. I loved it. After the session I immediately felt a weight lifted and clarity. Since then I’ve done it multiple times and will continue to do breathwork with her!

Wilson L. @officialwilsonlamont

The experience of breathwork I had with Stevie catapulted me to a level of self realization and acceptance that I had never before experienced. She helped me strip away all the external and internal BS so that I can stay focused on the things that are truly important to me. 

I was able to make leaps and bounds in my healing journey because of the support I received from Stevie. She is a true healer doing some serious healing work in this world. She radiates love and authenticity in a way that empowers you to bring out the same in yourself. Thank you for being my inspiration Stevie! 

Akane M. @akaneflows

Stevie's breathwork sessions are magical.  I started working with her to move through some painful life events and harness my feminine energy and she guided me to the most beautiful releases and helped me restore my feminine flow and power.  It was the most amazing 2 months working with her and I will definitely be visiting her in the future for more!

Steph G. @stephxdawn


Is this a commitment or can I cancel at anytime?

You can cancel at anytime : )

When will I be charged?

You'll be charged the same day each month that your originally signed up

I have high blood pressure, is breathwork right for me?

If you have any medical conditions or are currently taking medication, please consult your doctor before starting breathwork. Medical conditions may include, but are not limited to, high blood pressure, depression, kidney disease, heart disease, chronic panic attacks, and asthma. When you sign up you'll fill out a medical waiver...if there's anything on the waiver that isn't a match, I'll reach out and offer a full refund.

I'm pregnant. Can I do this?

Yes and no! The longer meditative breathwork sessions that I'll be hosting in the bi-weekly workshops are not the best for pregnant women, but the short integrative videos that will be in the portal are great for you. There will be tons of live coaching and valuable content in the FB group so it's still worth it!

What are the benefits of breathwork?

Immediate stress reduction and anxiety relief, more energy and mental clarity, connects you to your body, connects you with stuck emotions and changes your response to them, releases trauma, limiting beliefs and old wounds, clears toxins and revitalizes your organs.

I have trauma in my past, is this a good fit for me?

Such a great question! My answer is, if you're right in the middle of severe emotional trauma that's not processed then I would say no. Breathwork is a very powerful modality that stirs up lots of emotion. However if you feel like you're in a good place in your journey and you've already processed a lot of the emotion that's there then YES! Ultimately you know your body best and you intuitively know if you're ready for this work. Good news is that you'll be supported by me and the short integrative videos will be a great place to start.

I can never shut off my mind in breathwork...why is that?

That's normal! The whole point of your mind is to keep you safe. So if you keep thinking about what you're going to have for lunch, that's ok! Your mind is trying to keep you out of your body where there might be some feelings. Yes feelings! I PROMISE if you keep breathing, your body will take over and you'll reach a point of stillness.

What are the common side effects of breathwork?

The most common side effect is tetany which is an involuntary contraction of the muscles which leads to temporary paralysis in some part of the body. It only lasts for about 15 mintues and it's completely and totally safe. There's lots of energy moving through the body during breathwork and it often leaves through the extremities. Your ears may ring for 20 minutes after breathwork, you may be shaky, you might get cold or hot, you might have the desire to shout...all of this is normal and part of the energetic release process.

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