To finally feel good enough. To look in the mirror and love the person you are. To show up, fully in your power and stop playing small?

Do you struggle with anxiety? Numb your emotions?  Continually self sabotage?

Do you struggle with anxiety? Numb your emotions? Continually self sabotage?

Do you struggle with anxiety? Numb your emotions?  Continually self sabotage?
  • Do you not feel good enough?
  • Because of that belief do you find yourself not going after your dreams, being afraid to put yourself out there in the dating world and not being able to express yourself?
  • Do you have social anxiety, and overeat to deal with your emotions?
  • Do you struggle with self worth?
  • Do you realize you're a perfect, Divine being of light and love and you're worthy for the sheer fact that you were born?? If not, this is what coaching with me will bring you to : )


To help you end your fight with anxiety for good. To guide you to self love and healing.

April's Story


Jodie's Story


You've tried everything. Every podcast, every personal development book, you've taken courses and gone to seminars, but you still find yourself self-sabotaging. And you still struggle with anxiety and self loathing. I know love, it's devastating to not know where to turn. But that's why you're here. Because something is telling you that coaching is different. 

I used to be exactly where you are. I understand how painful it can be to not go after your dreams because you don't feel good enough. I know what it's like to overthink everything and seek validation in others. I was there! 

I've helped so many women move from disconnected, anxious, and self-loathing to empowered, present and totally in love with themselves. And all of this is available to you too! You already have everything you need inside you to change your life for real and for good. Sometimes you just need a little love and support along the way.

Throughout our coaching relationship, we'll identify your core beliefs, determine the BS stories that you're holding onto, and not only release, but transcend them. 

Imagine If Your World looked like this...

You wake up and do a deep breathing exercise, you drink some water, make a healthy breakfast and maybe even get a workout in. You feel connected to your body, connected to your emotions, AND connected to your purpose. You have clarity around who you are and you move about your day fully in your power. You feel calm and like you can take on anything. You honor any emotions that come up, and know that you can handle anything that your body gives you. You feel at peace with yourself. You feel confident in who you are. And you move forward with your goals. Why? Because you love yourself. It's possible beauty, in's your divine right. 



  • Get rid of old belief systems that are no longer serving you
  • Feel so solid in your relationships
  • Gain confidence like you've never before had
  • Integrate mindfulness so that you can be present with your emotions and stop numbing out with external resources (TV, social media, food, alcohol etc).
  • Know EXACTLY what to do when you're triggered and how to lean in and transcend rather then disconnecting from yourself and others
  • Create healthy boundaries for yourself and for the people around you. Boundaries teach people how to treat you!
  • Connect with your Inner Child and learn to give her exactly what she needs so that your Evolved Woman can function as her most authentic self
  • Learn how to trust yourself
  • Heal any unworthiness you struggle with and find POWER in your pain
  • Shift the identities you've held onto and move into the highest version of yourself. Guess're already her!
  • Be able to use your voice confidently and speak your truth
  • Get rid of toxic relationships that are holding you back
  • No longer look for love through meaningless sex
  • Create a healthy tribe
  • Don't give a shit about what other people think



One 50 - 60 minute session per week for 6 months (24 sessions total! :D)


Live voice chatting support through the Vox app during the week


Unlimited email support as well as extra resources like books, podcasts, and take home exercises


  • You're sick and tired of dealing with anxiety
  • You're exhausted from worrying about what other people think
  • You look outside of yourself for comfort and love
  • You regularly worry about your body
  • You keep going back to toxic people and just want to be DONE with them
  • You took on the negative beliefs and criticisms of family members as your own
  • You're crippled by fear and often times don't go after what you want for fear of failure
  • You're addicted to control
  • You know that something needs to change and you're ready to take the next step
  • You overthink everything
  • You want to accept yourself and your body completely

Something to know about me...I'm a professional singer and have been on stages my whole life. Part of what's unique about my coaching approach is that I help you get comfortable using YOUR voice and speaking YOUR authentic truth. You're going to learn to take up space in the world.

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Arisa's Story


A note on investing in yourself...

In the last couple years I've invested upwards of $50,000 in my business mentorship, training programs, workshops, retreats, intensives, high level coaching, therapy, and other forms of healing modalities. All in the pursuit of preparing myself to do this work. There is nothing I find more important then investing in my own expansion personally and professionally. I do this not only to be the best coach I can be, but also because I believe investing in myself is a beautiful act of self love.

The value that is given in this program is priceless. I can confidently say that the knowledge I'm delivering has the power to drastically shift your mindset and transcend the limiting beliefs you've been carrying with you for so many years.

I struggled with scarcity when I first began my healing journey. I had thoughts like, "I can't afford this, this is way too expensive, there's no way I can make it work." But then I realized that I was basically saying that I'm not worth the investment. And I wasn't ok with that. I decided to make it happen, gather my resources and trust that the Universe would always have my back. When I chose an abundance mindset I was rewarded beyond my wildest dreams both financially and personally. 

Before you make a decision ask yourself, "Is this the right thing for me?" And listen to what your body has to say instead of your mind. Your mind will try to scare you away and keep you small. The body knows your truth. 



How long is the course?

I do 6 month programs with my clients. It gives us the time to create lasting and sustainable change. If you're looking for something longer, I offer 8 month programs as well upon request.

What is included in this program?

My 1:1 coaching program includes four 50-60 minute sessions per month, unlimited email access, take home exercises and homework, and if you need extra support during the week I offer live chatting communication through the Vox app.

I want to talk to you before pulling the trigger.
How do I do that?

I'd love to chat! You can schedule a free consultation call through the "Free Consultation" link above : )

Is there an option for a payment plan?

YES! I offer monthly payment plans over the 6 months.

What if I don't want to commit to 6 months? Do you offer anything shorter?

Yes! I offer one off 60 minute Rapid Breakthrough sessions in which we choose one area of your life that you need support in and do a deep dive into what's holding you back from showing up as your highest self. You can click the  "I'm In" bottom to book a breakthrough session.


I started doing coaching sessions with Stevie a few months ago and they have truly been life changing. I have gone to therapists in the past throughout my life, but my sessions with Stevie were so much more insightful and I got so much more out of them. She shows up with such an open heart to our sessions and it's obvious that she genuinely cares about her clients. Her loving energy makes me feel so comfortable to open up and to be completely vulnerable with her. As a result of our sessions I've noticed a huge transformation in myself. She has helped me to shift my focus from looking externally for love and validation from men who were toxic to me, which was a pattern of mine for a majority of my life, to getting to a place of loving myself for who I am and giving myself the validation that I was craving to help me to realize I am enough and that I am worthy of so much more in this life than I ever gave myself credit for. With her guidance I was able to dig deep and really work on changing those limiting beliefs that I had been carrying around for most of my life. My life will never be the same again. Doing coaching sessions with Stevie was the best decision I've ever made for myself!

- Jennifer S.

"Before working with Stevie, I never knew what it was like to look in the mirror and not pick every last inch of myself apart. My insecurities and obsession around my body image caused me severe anxiety. Because I felt so bad about myself this led me to seek validation externally and ultimately left me feeling crippled by fear. I feared rejection, intimacy, relationships, and emotions. 

After 3 extremely transformational months of working with Stevie, I have never felt so in-sync and in love with myself. In 3 months Stevie helped me rewrite my story around something that I struggled with for as long as I can remember. My new story is that I am worthy and no validation is needed to prove my worth. I no longer subscribe to those stories and limiting beliefs that kept me small for so many years. For the first time in my life, when I look in the mirror I feel at peace with myself instead of at war.

Deciding to invest in myself by working with Stevie was one of the BEST decisions I have ever made. As a coach Stevie creates such a safe, welcoming, and non judgmental place for you. Within minutes you can instantly tell how passionate Stevie is about helping you return to your highest most authentic self. Stevie shows up for you and expects you to show up for yourself! She pushes you to be the best and truest version of yourself, no more staying small or limiting beliefs. I am so thankful for the past 3 months, I couldn’t have done any of this without the love and support of Stevie!"

- Taylor T.

Stevie held space for me like no one I’ve ever experienced. She is so unbelievably present and in it with you. One thing I really loved was when I was in the middle of buying into one of my own limiting stories, she would stop me, call me out and reframe it with me. This was so helpful because it taught me how to do the same thing. I’ve struggled with the unworthiness wound and fear of success for as long as I can remember. The tools Stevie has taught me to start to rewrite these stories are invaluable. She incorporated dance and singing and breath work - things that get me out of my comfort zone, sometimes WAY out (with the singing) - and this work has really been transformational. She’s not afraid to go there with you.

I never felt judged or afraid to say what I was really feeling with Stevie, it was all just so supportive! It was one of the best things I could have done at this point in my life and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. She is exactly as she seems - authentic, open, honest, caring and fun! If you’re thinking about working with Stevie, you will NOT regret it!!

- Amanda C.

Hello my love!

I just wanted to give a HUUUUGE thank you to you for all of the work you're doing and all of the amazing tools you have given me in such a short amount of time. Between coaching with you over the past month and recently finishing your 5 day self-love challenge, I have had a perspective shift of myself and the issues I have dealt with for so long. You have helped me reconnect with my inner child-- to have compassion and love for her and reparent her to have her know she is LOVED and WORTHY and SAFE; this has been so helpful in so many different areas of my life. You have taught me to be easy and gentle with myself and with my recovery, and you have showed me many different ways to show myself love. I LOVED day 4 of the self-love videos about "creating healthy boundaries" and it made me truly realize that I need to look out for ME more instead of always people pleasing, because I am literally the queen of this. And learning how to cultivate safety within my own body has been especially helpful in combatting my eating disorder. I honestly could go on foreverrrrr about you and how amazing and sweet and inspiring you are. I had so many breakthroughs working with you, and I am just in awe of everything you are doing to help all the women struggling out there. Love u so much!! xx
- Nicole Z.

My work with Stevie has been transformational to say the least. She always meets me with an open heart, kindness and no judgement. Talking about my anxiety and body image struggles can be scary but she makes me feel safe to express myself and has a way of letting me know that she relates and I really feel like she hears me. Stevie has a way of giving a different perspective and there have been so many "ah ha" moments for me as a result of this. She helps you to see how you can be best showing up for yourself and doesn't let you get away with anything less, which I think is what I appreciate most from her. I don't think I could finish my admiration of her without saying that she's freaking hilarious! Her energy is bright, bold and passionate and I am forever grateful for this beautiful human!

- Nancy M.

My journey with Stevie has been an amazing and truly transformative experience. For years, I leaned into the label of an introvert and let it control every aspect of my life. I was submissive, quiet and hardly made a presence when I walked into a room. In my first session with Stevie, she immediately helped me break through a barrier I held onto for years in hiding my voice. She helped me to pinpoint where my limiting behaviors were holding me back and the stories I told myself to hide away from the highest version of myself.


Stevie holds the most supportive and compassionate space. Every session with her brought out some real truth that I knew I was ready to confront, but under her mentorship and guidance was ultimately able to face. She gave practical tools, exercises and rituals to carry with me as I continue my healing and growth journey. She showed me the confidence and courage to release stories that held me back. She showed me to see all the beauty and presence I could bring out into the world. 


Through my work with Stevie, I was able to let go of past traumas that held me back from stepping into my truest self. I’m the most confident I’ve been in years and finally found access to my voice. I’m finally able to see the spirit of my intuition, access it and allow it to guide me on the rest of my transformative journey. I’ve been committed to my personal health and wellbeing, but once I began working with Stevie I saw how profound it is to have a mentor to guide you and give you the strength to fully step into your power. Stevie is the real deal and is the most personal and non-non-judgmental coach you’ll ever have. I’ve tried them all - therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, women circles - and what had the largest impact was my one-on-one with Stevie. 

- Sam P.
Stevie is a gift to those who embark on the adventure of self care. She is an incredibly , gentle, strong, graceful, curious, compassionate loving guide in the journey of healing. 
Her strong intuition gently pushes and awakens doors that have been closed and her wisdom enters as a breath of fresh air.
Wherever you are in your journey of healing, be it fighting with long time food related disorders, an afraid or broken heart  ,or a  lifetime of self punishment practices, Stevie is the hand you want to hold as you open to a new, healthy, loving way of living. 
She is truly passionate about her practice and you feel it run through and awaken you from your first conversation with her.
I cannot recommend Stevie enough in the journey of regaining control of loving and respecting your body.
- Jill L.

Working with Stevie over the past six weeks has been the most positive and amazing experience. She has helped me get in touch with my intuition, expand my mind and open my heart. I immediately felt comfortable with Stevie and I was able to be open and share my challenges with her. Stevie helped me get clear on what I want out of live and overcome blocks that were holding me back. I'm so grateful to have had the chance to work with her!

- McCauley T.

I’ve spent a majority of my life involved in personal development and I feel like as long as I’m breathing there’s room for growth! So when I had an opportunity to work with Stevie, I jumped in! My issues around food are not associated with weight, but with health. When I eat poorly (sugary foods mainly) I have significant inflammation, low energy and anxiety which leads to depression and wanting to eat more sugary foods.

I liked working with Stevie because she creates a safe, nonjudgmental space and helped me stay in the present and in tune with my body – where all of our answers lie. I liked quickly getting to core issues and underlying beliefs. She kept reminding me that our core beliefs and behavior have to be congruent to sustain change. And, change in my life means consistent healthy eating. She has many tools to access core beliefs and to make permanent changes in those core beliefs. I have been off caffeine and refined sugar now for 7 weeks and I’m not obsessing over whether or not to eat that donut, piece of cake, pie or chocolate candy that is always present at the offices where I work. I feel more in control, I have more energy and a 20 year issue with Psoriasis is completely gone! Thank you Stevie!!!

- Marlene M.