Are you tired of struggling with Anxiety?


Here’s how to liberate the shackles of anxiety,
without banging your head against a wall

Even if you’re riddled with self-doubt and can’t control it

And The True Story Of How I Used This System To Change My Anxiety Forever.

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Hey there!

If you’ve tried to escape the chains of anxiety, then you’ll know how hard it is to win those battles. You’re not alone…

The limitations set by anxiety are tough to break free from. I remember it well…

I put on the façade of always being happy and positive, and that my life was perfectly put together. But on the inside I was struggling.

And now, just a few years after I started my journey with Anxiety and a whole lotta work, I can walk into situations confidently without the pressure of perfection!

There's so much hope and healing in this...

Right now there are people who once struggled severely with anxiety finding themselves...

living their lives to the fullest, rekindling old friendships and creating new ones.

Maggie Draper has learned to control and understand anxiety to allow her to become the person she’s always wanted to be.

Maggie has said, “I get to surrender and move through anxiety instead of run from it
which is something no medication or doctor has helped me to do”..

Doesn’t that sound incredible?

Who wouldn’t want to liberate themselves from anxiety in order to live their life to the max?

So let me help you, like I helped Maggie,  learn the secrets to controlling and breaking free from anxiety, using something I call...

The Anxiety Masterclass

I was crippled by anxiety. I tried to break free, but everything failed. 
I struggled with self doubt, and I never felt good enough.
I numbed out with food, TV, and Social Media.
Being a small person in an even smaller life. 
Then… I discovered a system that helped me understand and tame my
anxiety. Which felt impossible just a few years ago. 
Before I found this system I needed approval and validation from others,
I never felt at home in my skin and was always second-guessing myself.
This system helped me kickstart my healing journey and learn how to love
myself, understand anxiety and be proud of who I am. 
I created this masterclass to help you and others
who are struggling with anxiety.

Imagine how your life would change if you could handle your anxiety at a moment’s notice?

This expert set of tools can help you do that.

  • Learn to understand anxiety and why it’s affecting you.
  • Be equipped with the instruments to handle it with grace.
  • Find the source of your anxiety and the main ingredient to it.

What to expect?

>> Access to an array of video content on managing, understanding and dealing with your anxiety.

>> An extra level of training to help you integrate everything you learned in the video content into your daily life.

>> Monthly draws with a chance to win free 1-on-1 coaching sessions with me.

>> Each tool used in the course explained in detail with individual downloadable PDF files. Perfect for your vision board!

>> My personal meditation techniques, all in one library, just for you.


This is for you if:

>> This is for the people who have struggled with anxiety for years without sustainable change.

>> You'll implement the tools provided.

>> You crave the confidence of moving forward in your life in control of your anxiety

>> You’re sick of worrying what people think of you

>> You want practical tools to help change your relationship with anxiety

>> You want to learn how to ground yourself when your anxiety is peaking

>> You want to grasp a deeper understanding of anxiety and where it comes from.

>> You want to feel empowered when it comes to your emotions

>> You want tips that you can implement TODAY

>> You don’t want to be anxiety’s bi*ch anymore!


But you don’t have to just take my word for it.
Here are a few comments from my students:

"If you're struggling with anxiety (or really any other negative emotion) this masterclass is so incredibly powerful in helping you SHIFT that! I personally have been doing the work to heal this part of me - the part that’s addicted to the struggle and the anxiety - and I couldn’t have found this course at a more perfect time. I feel like I now have the tools I need to change these patterns in the MOMENT, which is where the magic happens. I'm so glad I have this so I can go back and refresh any time I need to! It's awesome because I did it all in just a couple hours - not weeks trying to find time to fit it in (because we know that will never happen!). Stevie is incredibly authentic and loving and it comes across so fully in her videos. It doesn’t seem like she’s talking from a place of her being "better than" you or anyone... she is so down to earth, breaks all the information down in a VERY easy to understand way and you can feel that she genuinely wants to help you heal! I highly recommend this course if you're considering it! It's worth every penny :)"

Amanda Castilone

"I truly value this course a lot. I am not someone who struggles with anxiety on a daily basis, but I definitely deal with situational anxiety when it comes to interviews, having hard conversations with people, money etc and I have always wanted tools to calm myself down and get back to me. This course taught me that. Stevie’s presence is so calming and that way she articulates her class makes you feel like you can do anything afterwards. She makes me feel normal and not alone and she is relatable because she always remains transparent with herself and her own struggles. Her exercises are what I enjoyed the most bc it’s something I can actually do in the moment when I feel the anxiety creeping up! I wish I would have had these skills in the past before interviews, because those are crippling for me. But now moving forward I know what to do. I love it. "

Christin Underwood

"If you want practical tips and tricks that will help you change your relationship to anxiety, Stevie's masterclass is incredible. I have spent so much time and money on fixing my anxiety and Stevie's masterclass is the first that has given me tools that I can apply to my life day to day and create real changes. Well worth the investment!"

Chloe Prince

Most people can’t afford to spend $250 an hour for a therapist who may or may not be able to help, but for a short time, I'm offering The Anxiety Masterclass at just $149! This is cheaper than a single hour with a therapist.



Buy Now

It doesn’t stop there, as a free bonus, I’ll also provide a full breathwork exercise to help you not only embody all of the content you’ll learn...but really integrate it into your life.

Separately, this would retail at $95, but for you, it’s free when you join the course.

But don’t wait around boo, spaces in this masterclass are selling fast and it’ll be sold out by the time you finish reading all of the testimonials at the bottom.

I’ll be straight with you.
Right now there are two real options:

Stay feeling stuck 
without fully


Join my masterclass
and move 
towards becoming your most authentic self.

Go ahead and click that button below and join me.

Once you’ve processed the payment, the course and it’s contents

will be available to you to start right away.

So jump in, click the button and I’ll see you soon queen. :)


PSIf you really want to learn the secrets to controlling your anxiety, overcoming self-doubt, and feeling confident in any room you walk into. This course is for you. I’m telling you, don’t miss out on this.

PPSNo one wants to be stuck in a hole that seems endless. That’s what anxiety is and I’ve lived it. Don’t let yourself live a life that’s limited. Thank you so much for trusting me to help you.


Just in case you're unsure...
here's some more opinions:

"Despite struggling with anxiety for years and already having tried many therapies, I learned so many new suggestions. Noting, the wall exercise, breathing-all so helpful. The inner child meditation was so comforting and an approach I have never used before! And the best help of all is that you care so much- that support and love mean the world! You genuinely care to help and you didn’t make me feel less than- something I’ve found in so many other therapists."
Lauren Houseworth


"Get ready to feel unconditionally loved, held and supported while gaining a deeper understanding of what anxiety is and how you can overcome it. I get to surrender and move through anxiety instead of run from it which is something no medication or Dr. Has helped me do. You can tell Stevie poured every ounce of love and compassion she has into making this course. If you are struggling, feeling hopeless, disempowered and don't quite know how to deal with your anxiety then I would 1000% recommend taking this course."
Maggie Draper


"I absolutely loved Stevie's Anxiety Masterclass! As someone who has suffered with general and social anxiety my whole life, I found Stevie's tools to be very helpful and will be using them in my daily life. Her approach to sitting with your emotions and soothing you inner child is so refreshing to me, as I usually want to push these emotions down but I've learnt to sit with them and honour them now. I'm also so appreciative of the meditation library that is included - it's fantastic and I always find myself getting into deep meditation and transformation with Stevie's recordings!"
Stephanie Long

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