Rapid Breakthrough Session

60 minutes to breaking through any perceived blocks that are holding you back from stepping into your highest self


Experience a Massive Breakthrough & Rapidly Transform Your Life

This is a custom 1:1 virtual session designed to rapidly shift one area of your life that you feel stuck in

Together we'll choose one topic to do dive deep into and figure out what's holding you back, release limiting thoughts, and create a game plan to create sustainable change.

Rapid Breakthrough Sessions are perfect for you if you're not ready to commit to my 6 month program but want to experience an immediate shift!

"Stevie has just changed my life in a 1 hour session!!! Wow! That was so powerful! I've worked with a few therapists through my personal stuff, and that was helpful, but I wasn't able to make that shift as I did with Stevie. IN JUST ONE HOUR! She was very honest with me and it made me be honest with myself and face that naked truth that I've been avoiding for soooo long. Face all the fears and realize that they weren't true, only my mind was creating them to protect from getting out of my comfort life and familiar routine... this was so terrifying at first, but now my life has opened with so many good and amazing opportunities exactly from that places that I was scaring the most! She is such a kind, compassionate and loving being! Her heart is so full with passion to help and heal, and it makes her the best at what she does! I felt very safe to share my deepest traumas, ones that weren't even comfortable to share them with myself... Her tough love is truly so honest and loving, that it makes you open your eyes to the things you weren't seeing before. I love you Stevie!!! Thank you for all that you've done and I'm excited for what's coming for us in the future!"

Ekaterina T.

"This session helped me identify where I need to show up for myself in order to shift into who I want to be. Even in one session Stevie helped to cut through the bullshit and guide me to self reflect and recognize the old stories I have been telling myself and what it will take to write my new story. The tangible outcome I got was to set boundaries around what I need in order to grow, to give myself permission to have needs and actually show up for myself to meet them, and to take responsibility for my thoughts in order to write my next story. Working with Stevie was 100% comfortable. Stevie is trustworthy and passionate about what she does. It is clear she is walking in her calling to empower people. I felt totally comfortable laying out my bullshit in front of Stevie knowing she would call it out and lovingly invite me to move on to bigger and better things. In the same day as my session with Stevie I was able to implement multiple strategies she suggested. I was able to set boundaries that I needed as well as implement intentional pausing to redirect my thoughts rather than just running on autopilot. I'd absolutely recommend a breakthrough session if you're ready to make changes and are ready to face what you want to deal with head on- Stevie is your girl!"

Parkar P.

"My transformation came out of nowhere for me. After doing the inner child work alot of what I needed to release came out of me. I didn't even know I was holding onto to this certain belief and memory for all these years. The transformation throughout the session was literally like peeling an onion. I was slowly but surely peeling off layers of limiting beliefs, fears, and baggage that I was carrying with me like weights on my body and in my heart. I broke away from my fear of exposing myself and shining. Stepping out and stepping into confidence and finally believe in myself to create a coaching brand that I am proud of. Stevie was such a gift to work with. Even right off the bat doing the meditation, it was such a centering session and exactly what I needed. Starting off the session with the mediation made me feel open-minded, grounded, and at peace. Stevie listened so well and heard what I was truly saying. She suggested an inner child work activity that I had never experienced before. Her voice was calm, caring and full of love. She never shunned the negative feelings that came up for me and she encouraged me as well to view these old limiting beliefs and the little girl who use to think this way only with love and acceptance. Stevie literally has a hound dog nose to smell out any of my hidden struggles. By her asking me executing questions and pushing me to dig deep, I was able to achieve my breakthrough. Ever since my session with Stevie, I have been creating content to showcase my work and my business on social media. I no longer carry the weight on my shoulders or carry the fear in my heart about exposing to the world what my inner soul truly desires. I would recommend a breakthrough session to anyone. I already have told two of my friends about Stevie and the work she did with me and the work she does for her audience."

Justine E.

"My session was AMAZING! In just one-hour, Stevie helped me dig DEEP into figuring out what was holding me back from living my dream life. We talked about so many different areas of my life, and I feel completely empowered now knowing how to handle certain stressors in my life. In just one call, I've learned healthier ways to deal with my stress and anxiety, and I will continue to use her strategies in the future. Stevie is so knowledgeable in her field, and is such a compassionate person. Even though this was our first call, Stevie made me feel so comfortable to share my story, even though it made me very vulnerable. She was honest the entire time, and at some points gave me the "tough-love" I needed to hear. I am so grateful to have found her, because her session helped me deal with ALOT of emotions that I've been burying for so many years. The inner shift that happened during my call is incredible and I definitely think this is something EVERYONE needs to try. Thanks again Stevie for your help. My tangible outcome was the inner child work. I've been doing this lately and it's been helping me so much with understanding why I'm feeling certain ways, and helping me deal with these emotions in a healthy way. I've definitely traded A LOT of my pent up anger with compassion and it feels like a weight has been lifted for me. Stevie was incredible. Calm, compassionate, kind, but enough "tough-love" to really get the results I needed. I feel so much more relieved. My stress in my life has been much more manageable, and it feels like a weight has been lifted because now I understand my emotions and reactions so much better. YES! Even if you don't think you have any hidden feelings, this call will BRING THEM TO LIFE and help you move past them. Highly recommend this breakthrough session to everyone."

Arielle G.

"This breakthrough session was a palpable transformation. As the session progressed I could feel my chest loosening and my guard come down. She created such a safe space for me to share where I was struggling with such love and compassion. She helped me make connections that lead to many ah-ha moments throughout the session! I felt like a weight of anxiety and self doubt was lifted and I could open up and share myself so freely. She shared tools that I can use to come back to my body to shift the struggle storyline I’ve been stuck in. It was honestly wonderful! She was so compassionate and took the time to dig deep into the issues I shared. She asked questions that made me think and question my previous beliefs in a non-judgement way.She reframed situations and offered a refreshing perspective on issues that I’ve been working through for years! I feel freer and lighter and my urge to constantly go go go has been reduced. I’m hoping to carry the wisdom she shared with me moving forward so I can be more aware of times that I fall into the struggle cycle and use the tools she taught me to get back to my body. I would highly recommend working with Stevie for anyone looking for some guidance in their healing journey. There was nothing that could have been better. It was an amazing session! I appreciated her honesty and kindness. She gave her feedback without judgement and I felt that she asked really great questions to look deeper into what I shared. "

Laurel S.

"I really enjoyed this session. I was initially a little nervous, as I felt that some very vulnerable feelings were about to be exposed. As she guided me through the session, I was able to see clearly what was preventing me from living my life and now I see my life in a totally different manner. The inner childhood meditation was amazing!! I have noticed a BIG change within myself since my session. I feel that I am now able to see with fresh eyes what things have been blocking my ability to live fully. I learned a lot about cultivating safety in my body, and to listen to what I need in order to feel and be my best self. I learned about having compassion for my father who I have desperately desire to have a relationship with. I also realized that I do not have to be perfect in order to receive love. Stevie was really amazing!! I really appreciated when she stated "If this becomes too painful for you, you can hang up". I was scared at first because it was something I had tried to do on my own, but always found myself in a really depressing space for a while or simply having to stop not even halfway through the meditation. It was a very cathartic moment for me. I really appreciated Stevie for being sensitive to my feelings regarding inner child work. The work we did during the session has allowed me to feel free and to realize that I'm not broken and there are no holes in my life. I can feel as though my anxiety has been much more manageable. I am able to take a breath and ask myself "What do I need right now? How can I love myself more?" I also see this carrying over in my workplace environment. Coworkers have noticed that I seem to be more calm and collected instead of frantic. I would absolutely recommend Stevie to my friends. She really customizes the transformation session and is able to guide you in a way that makes you feel so peaceful and understood. Nothing could be better. Stevie is AWESOME!!!"

Katie S.

Can't Wait to Create Magic With You!


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