The Anxiety Masterclass

How to Deal, Heal, and Transform Your Anxiety

Yes please

Anxiety can be a soul sucking part of life


The fast track to burnout and disconnection


A menace!


if you don’t know how to work with it

For most people, anxiety looks a little something like this:

You socially isolate to avoid having to connect with people


You don’t do well in crowds or at concerts


You feel stuck in a rut and don't know how to get out


You self sabotage relationships when they get too real


You fear losing control


You freak out if the guy you like doesn’t text you back for a few hours, “did I say the wrong thing??”


You emotionally eat every time you feel anxious


Change is a huge trigger for you


You're always worrying about the biggest and smallest of things


You cry for no reason


You feel like a failure


You don’t take action because you’re worried you’ll fail


You avoid situations for fear your anxiety will flare up


You don’t even understand why you’re feeling it, nothings’ wrong?!


I feel you sistah.


I used to be exactly where you are.


You wish you knew how to deal with it in the moment.

You want it to stop holding you back from living your life fully.

You need to know how to stop the negative thoughts.

I’m Stevie, and I’m basically obsessed with anxiety.

**Keep reading…you’ll understand what I mean : )

About 4 years ago I started my personal development journey. At the time I was RIDDLED with anxiety and totally addicted to struggle. I was so afraid of putting myself out there for fear of judgement. I numbed my emotions with food, social media, and TV. I was majorly playing small in my life.

Why am I obsessed with anxiety you ask? Because over the last 4 years I’ve learned that every time I feel anxious (of course it still comes up!) I know it’s an opportunity for growth and evolvement. I now know that I can face my fears head on and learn to deal with anxiety from a place of love. I became a coach to help you do the same.

What's my secret?

I recognize. I get curious. I have compassion. After having my own success with transforming my anxiety and teaching my clients to do the same, I’ve condensed the root of anxiety down to a science. Now I’m sharing the roadmap with you in The Anxiety Masterclass.

The Anxiety Masterclass is your easily integrate-able and highly practical formula for having an easy and intimate relationship with your anxiety.

When you take a seat in the Masterclass, you’re on your way to graduating in:

>> Thoroughly understanding what anxiety is and why you have it

>> Uncovering the root cause of anxiety

>> Discovering anxiety’s main ingredient

>> Figuring out what you’re anxious about in the first place!

>> Changing your relationship with it

>> Learning to handle it in the moment with grace

>> Creating the feeling of safety in your body when your anxiety is high

Check Out The Anxiety Masterclass Syllabus:


The Video

The main training of the class. 60 minutes of content all about how to heal, deal, manage, and transform your anxiety


A separate training video of how to incorporate and integrate everything you learned in The Video into real life situations

The Tools

A downloadable PDF of every tool we cover written out and explained. Print in out and hang it on your vision board!

The Meditation Library

An exclusive library of my own meditations only for Masterclass students

The Anxiety Masterclass gives you:

>> Two incredibly value heavy videos, a meditation library, and a PDF with all the tools for you to download

>> Forever and ever access to the program

>> Automatic entry into my monthly drawing where I pick someone to win a FREE coaching session with me! (Read that one again)

Yes, I want to transform my anxiety!



The Video


The Meditation Library

The Tools

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"I absolutely loved Stevie's Anxiety Masterclass! As someone who has suffered with general and social anxiety my whole life, I found Stevie's tools to be very helpful and will be using them in my daily life. Her approach to sitting with your emotions and soothing you inner child is so refreshing to me, as I usually want to push these emotions down but I've learnt to sit with them and honour them now. I'm also so appreciative of the meditation library that is included - it's fantastic and I always find myself getting into deep meditation and transformation with Stevie's recordings! "

Stephanie Long

"Get ready to feel unconditionally loved, held and supported while gaining a deeper understanding of what anxiety is and how you can overcome it. Stevie's course is what psychiatrists and doctors have never been able to give me for my anxiety: • A solution in surrender and going within •Unconditional love and support •Empowering easily accessible tools •Permission to let go of the shame for having anxiety and the ability to have compassion for myself while practicing awareness. I get to surrender and move through anxiety instead of run from it which is something no medication or Dr. Has helped me do. You can tell Stevie poured every ounce of love and compassion she has into making this course. If you are struggling, feeling hopeless, disempowered and don't quite know how to deal with your anxiety then I would 1000% recommend taking this course. "

Maggie Draper

"Despite struggling with anxiety for years and already having tried many therapies, I learned so many new suggestions. Noting, the wall exercise, breathing-all so helpful. The inner child meditation was so comforting and an approach I have never used before! And the best help of all is that you care so much- that support and love mean the world! You genuinely care to help and you didn’t make me feel less than- something I’ve found in so many other therapists."

Lauren Houseworth

The Masterclass is for you if:

- You've struggled with anxiety for years and want to transform it

- You are open to deep work and showing up for yourself

- You crave the confidence of moving forward in your life with a different relationship to your anxiety

- You want to understand where your anxiety comes from

The Masterclass is not for you if:

- You think watching this once will make you never have anxiety again. I'm giving you the tools, you have to implement them

- You're not willing to ask yourself important questions

- You want to stay a victim to your anxiety

- You don't want to step into your power

Yes, I want to transform my anxiety!


The Video


The Meditation Library

The Tools

Enroll Now

"If you're struggling with anxiety (or really any other negative emotion) this masterclass is so incredibly powerful in helping you SHIFT that! I personally have been doing the work to heal this part of me - the part that’s addicted to the struggle and the anxiety - and I couldn’t have found this course at a more perfect time. I feel like I now have the tools I need to change these patterns in the MOMENT, which is where the magic happens. I'm so glad I have this so I can go back and refresh any time I need to! It's awesome because I did it all in just a couple hours - not weeks trying to find time to fit it in (because we know that will never happen!). Stevie is incredibly authentic and loving and it comes across so fully in her videos. It doesn’t seem like she’s talking from a place of her being "better than" you or anyone... she is so down to earth, breaks all the information down in a VERY easy to understand way and you can feel that she genuinely wants to help you heal! I highly recommend this course if you're considering it! It's worth every penny :) "

Amanda Castilone

"I truly value this course a lot. I am not someone who struggles with anxiety on a daily basis, but I definitely deal with situational anxiety when it comes to interviews, having hard conversations with people, money etc and I have always wanted tools to calm myself down and get back to me. This course taught me that. Stevie’s presence is so calming and that way she articulates her class makes you feel like you can do anything afterwards. She makes me feel normal and not alone and she is relatable because she always remains transparent with herself and her own struggles. Her exercises are what I enjoyed the most bc it’s something I can actually do in the moment when I feel the anxiety creeping up! I wish I would have had these skills in the past before interviews, because those are crippling for me. But now moving forward I know what to do. I love it. "

Christin Underwood

"If you want practical tips and tricks that will help you change your relationship to anxiety, Stevie's masterclass is incredible. I have spent so much time and money on fixing my anxiety and Stevie's masterclass is the first that has given me tools that I can apply to my life day to day and create real changes. Well worth the investment!"

Chloe Prince

My passion in life is self love and healing. For myself and the world. This is just one class, but I pray it makes a difference in your life





Got questions? Email me: [email protected](no I in Wright)


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