A trick to make all your relationships better :D



"Morning darlin! I'm going to give you a trick to make all of your relationships better, are you ready?

Ok so I was with my coach the other day having a session and I was chatting about my relationship with my partner and issues and struggles we have in our relationship, and my coach was like, 'oh because you're seeing him  through the eyes of brokeness.'

And I was like, 'what??' 

And he's like, 'you're seeing him through the eyes of brokenness.' Meaning, I'm seeing him as fundamentally flawed in some way, because I see myself as fundamentally flawed in some way. 

So sometimes we project our own shit onto our partner and people. And so my coach goes, "what if you were to only see him through the eyes of source?"

Source meaning God/Universe/Oneness/Creation...whatever word resonates with you.

But what if I were to only see my partner and my elf thorough the eyes of source? And when I say source I just mean love! What if I were to only see him through the...

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A good coach vs. a GREAT coach


Hi beauty! 

How are you love? 

I'm posting this video because I think it's important. Something I see so often in the coaching industry is rushing our clients progress and transformation for the coaches ego. I don't think it's conscious, and I don't think it's intended to hurt anyone...but it's present.

Coaching is a unique industry because so much of our own shit can come into play. If the coach has a worthiness wound (and who doesn't!) then often times we'll project our own need for validation on the client. The client NEEDS to have a profound breakthrough, they NEED to wildly transform, they NEED to have a crazy up level. SO THAT the coach feels worthy and validated.

So often times coaches push their clients farther than the client can handle. Now listen, I definitely think there's a delicate balance of tender and nurturing but also not getting on the client's merry go round of bullshit...but the MOST healing thing in my opinion for a coach to do, is to help their...

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