3 Reasons Why You Might Have Trouble Making Decisions

Uncategorized Jan 14, 2020


 Hi baby love! How are you on this fine Tuesday?


So I’m curious, do you have trouble making decisions? From the biggest things like whether or not to take a job to the smallest things like picking out your nail color?


I find that there’s 3 main reasons why decision making is hard…


  1. Your parent(s) were absent and you had to do things on your own and never really learned to trust yourself
  2. Your parents loved you so much that sometimes (all the time?) they didn’t give you autonomy over your own life
  3. Mistakes had big ramifications as a kid


Any of those relate?


If so, first of all know that you’re not alone in this my love. This is totally common and healable! Woo hoo!!


I’m deepening my self trust practice right now too and what I’m finding to be helpful is strengthening my integrity. Meaning, if I say I’m going to do...

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Why Rejection is fun :)

Uncategorized Jan 07, 2020


Hi Queen! Happy Tuesday love. I'm comin' in hot from my favorite coffee shop right now, sipping on an iced latte and typing to YOU.

If you’re anything like me, you’re terrified of rejection. It’s a big part of what keeps you playing small. It’s one of the most common things most people avoid when on the path to expansion.

Thoughts of, “But what will they think?” “Who am I to do this?” “What if I offend her?” “Is this too much?” “What if I come off as stuck up?” fill your head.

And it makes sense, humans are wired for connection. We need each other. Our biggest fear is separation or getting “kicked out of the tribe” so to speak. Biologically, the brain knows that if we get kicked out of the tribe, we die…so the anxiety is through the roof when it comes to being rejected.

Here’s a different spin to put on rejection…Rejection is fun! It means...

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A trick to make all your relationships better :D



"Morning darlin! I'm going to give you a trick to make all of your relationships better, are you ready?

Ok so I was with my coach the other day having a session and I was chatting about my relationship with my partner and issues and struggles we have in our relationship, and my coach was like, 'oh because you're seeing him  through the eyes of brokeness.'

And I was like, 'what??' 

And he's like, 'you're seeing him through the eyes of brokenness.' Meaning, I'm seeing him as fundamentally flawed in some way, because I see myself as fundamentally flawed in some way. 

So sometimes we project our own shit onto our partner and people. And so my coach goes, "what if you were to only see him through the eyes of source?"

Source meaning God/Universe/Oneness/Creation...whatever word resonates with you.

But what if I were to only see my partner and my elf thorough the eyes of source? And when I say source I just mean love! What if I were to only see him through the...

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Your Power Is In Your Pain

Uncategorized Oct 17, 2019
Hey beautiful,
Can I drop in and share a little love with you?
Your power is in your pain
Read that again.

As humans we’re so adverse to pain. We think we can’t handle it. We think it’s going to break us in two. We think it’ll hurt too much.

Not true ‍
I promise you’re body will never give you anything you can’t handle. And the more we can lean into our pain and FEEL it. The more we can transcend it.

When’s the last time you really sat with yourself and let your emotions come up? Yes, it hurts no doubt. But the pain is temporary.

Maybe you say fuck no, absolutely not. My pain is too much. I can't handle it. It's a whole can of worms I'm not willing to open. But my love, what’s too much is being riddled with anxiety, dating the same shitty guys, hating our bodies, numbing ourselves with food, alcohol, and social media, depression, and always feeling a little lonely.

It all gets better when you let...
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A good coach vs. a GREAT coach


Hi beauty! 

How are you love? 

I'm posting this video because I think it's important. Something I see so often in the coaching industry is rushing our clients progress and transformation for the coaches ego. I don't think it's conscious, and I don't think it's intended to hurt anyone...but it's present.

Coaching is a unique industry because so much of our own shit can come into play. If the coach has a worthiness wound (and who doesn't!) then often times we'll project our own need for validation on the client. The client NEEDS to have a profound breakthrough, they NEED to wildly transform, they NEED to have a crazy up level. SO THAT the coach feels worthy and validated.

So often times coaches push their clients farther than the client can handle. Now listen, I definitely think there's a delicate balance of tender and nurturing but also not getting on the client's merry go round of bullshit...but the MOST healing thing in my opinion for a coach to do, is to help their...

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How American Idol Traumatized Me

Uncategorized Jan 02, 2019

You read that right. Vulnerable post going down you guys. I haven’t talked about this part of my life on here much but it’s such an important part of my development and I want to share...

When I was 16 I auditioned for American Idol. I’m from a TINY little town so this news was all the rage! I’m going to spare you the long details of the process, but basically...auditioned and made it to the Top 36 out of over 100,000 people. Hollywood week, Simon, Paula, Randy, performed in front of America...the whole nine yards.

I was a minor so I had to be taken out of school, moved to LA for a couple months, and had to do independent study. It was a lot.

This had been a dream of mine since I was little girl but actually living it? I hated it. I missed my friends. I missed choir practice. I missed my English teacher. I was a baby!

From the start I felt so much pressure. My family (bless their heart) were so proud and excited. They bragged and bragged to everyone. My...

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